About Sheena Alexandra

Hello – I am excited you are here reading about me and my digital marketing journey. Below you can watch a some videos and read about my past (before meeting Keith!) as I share the evolution of myself.

A message from Sheena

You will quickly realise at ‘hello’ that I am originally from the US, Los Angeles to be exact.  I was born on February 20th, last century.

My birthday message

My passion for Digital Marketing

I started my career over 15 years in the digital marketing industry where I spent the first few years out of college building financial institution websites and learning about digital marketing channels.

Life after Los Angeles

In 2003 I migrated to London, where I worked primarily as an email marketing consultant, and became passionate about B2C and B2B communications for all stages of the customer and client life cycle.

After moving to Australia in 2011, and with a new perspective on the social media landscape, I now have focused my efforts on the evolution of email marketing and the ever-growing importance of client retention through more effective platforms – video and social media.

The creation of bescene.

bescene. was originally a ‘video production’ business but naturally evolved into also including social media and content creation.

I know all aspects of video production: pre/post production, script writing, editing and marketing and teach businesses how to incorporate video on websites, blogs and in all social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

I encourage all businesses use professional video for your website and a few pieces of content throughout the year, but the rest can be shot on your smartphone. I know how to do both.

Here is my first ‘Rookie’ video that I created with my iPhone 5c:

My Christmas Message

Who Is Sheena?

On a personal note, If I am not at the with my daughter, or at the beach – you can find me in yoga, or on a run.

Wellness Radio – Co Host & Interviewer

I’m passionate about health and wellness and have a regular weekend show with my co-host Liam Zollo on www.bondiradio.com.au.